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Gorey Physical Therapy offers professional Physiotherapy Services to treat a number of injuries, conditions & ailments


Established by Lorraine Furney BSc and regulated by CORU, Gorey Physical Therapy is a recognised and professional Wexford physiotherapist offering a wide range of physio services to treat a range of conditions and ailments. From chronic conditions to injuries, Gorey Physical Therapy provides bespoke treatment plans designed to suit your individual needs.

From manual therapy to joint manipulation, sports massage, dry needling, cupping, and more, Gorey Physical Therapy offers an extensive range of therapeutic services to help you get back to feeling your best.

Before any physiotherapy session, Gorey Physical Therapy offers in-depth consultations to understand your unique requirements before drawing up a detailed treatment plan to target your specific complaints. Whether you aim to get back on your feet after a sports injury or simply need help alleviating chronic pain, the Gorey Physical Therapy team is happy to help.

For more on our full range of Wexford Physiotherapy services, contact the team today

Our Physio Services Include:

Manual Therapy
Dry Needling
Stroke Rehabilitation
Neck and Back Treatment
Myofascial Release
Joint Manipulation
Muscle Energy Technique
Pre and Post Rehabilitation for Operations
Cupping Therapy
Specialised Massage

Ailments Treated Include:

Joint Sprain
Muscle Strain/Tear
Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow
Rotator Cuff Tears
Tension Headaches
Sinus Problems
Neck Pain and Whiplash
Back Pain
Disc Problems
Pre and Post Rehabilitation for Joint Replacement
Hip Pain
Knee Pain
Rib Pain
Frozen Shoulder
Chronic Pain
Post Stroke Rehabilitation


Is physiotherapy suitable for a long-term pain condition?

This all depends on the type of condition in question, but many long-term pain conditions such as fibromyalgia, tension headaches, joint pain, and more can be treated and managed with physiotherapy.

How long does a physio session last?

This depends on the type of service being offered but, generally, a physio session lasts about an hour.

How many physiotherapy sessions will I need?

When it comes to the number of physiotherapy sessions needed, each patient and each condition is different; therefore it is almost impossible to predict how many treatments you will require after the first treatment. You and your therapist may be able to predict it as you progress and improve with your condition. We offer a range of physio packages to help with the cost of these services.

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