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Here at Gorey Physical Therapy, we strive to ease any of your aches and pains and treat a wide variety of problems including herniated discs, whiplash, sports injuries, and those annoying pains that just won’t go away. Owned and run by Lorraine Furney, we work with a range of clients including; Sports People, Pregnant Women, People Working in Offices, People with Repetitive Strain Injuries, and more. Lorraine graduated from UCD with a BSc (Hons) in Health and Performance Science and in 2016 she graduated from The Institute of Physical Therapy and Applied Science with a BSc in Applied Health Science and a Physical Therapy Qualification. Gorey Physical Therapy is regulated by CORU to ensure quality.

During the initial appointment at Gorey Physical Therapy, each of our clients go through a simple consultation process.. This includes an assessment before going on to getting a full treatment and rehabilitation plan. Each treatment and rehabilitation plan will be unique to each person’s needs, with a wide range of general physio and sports physio therapies to choose from. In each treatment, we offer advanced techniques in manual therapy, massage, or dry needling used.

Gorey Physical Therapy is conveniently located just outside of Gorey Town. There is free parking located outside the clinic for ease of access.

Gorey Physical Therapy


I provide a personal and knowledgeable approach for all my client’s needs and have built up a solid reputation for my skills and qualifications to date. If you have any aches or pains that just won’t go away, or even physical conditions that you are worried about, feel free to get in touch and see how I can help.

– Lorraine Furney

For high-quality Physiotherapy & Physical Rehabilitation services in Wexford, contact Lorraine today



 Gorey Physical Therapy is a full-service physiotherapy service offering professional injury treatment, joint manipulation, and physical rehabilitation for a range of clients.


Sports Physiotherapy

Our sports physiotherapy services help you get back on your feet after a sports injury, offering sports massage, dry needling & manual joint manipulation to help.


Dry Needling

Here at Gorey Physical Therapy, we provide professional dry needling services suitable for the treatment of aches and pains, sports injuries, physical complaints & more.



As a professional physiotherapy service, Gorey Physical Therapy offers physical rehabilitation services for clients who have experienced life-changing/large-scale injuries.



Gorey Physical Therapy provides sports massage, therapeutic massage, pregnancy massage, and more for clients suffering from a range of ailments, pains, and injuries.



Gorey Physical Therapy provides MSTR. McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release helps change the nature and effect of scars. Book a consultation today.

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Client Reviews & Testimonials

“Dry needling was amazing feeling so much better.”

Lisa, Gorey

Gorey Physical Therapy
Gorey Physical Therapy
Gorey Physical Therapy

Gorey Physical Therapy FAQ

I’m looking for a physiotherapist near me. Can you help?

Gorey Physical Therapy is a Wexford Physiotherapist based in Gorey, just outside the town. We offer a range of physiotherapy services, sports physiotherapy services, dry needling, physical rehabilitation, and massage for clients.

What happens during a physiotherapy session?

On your first visit to Gorey Physical Therapy, you will have a quick consultation. This will include questions on why you are there, your personal medical history, your family medical history, medication that you may be on and previous injuries that you may have suffered. From this, if you are happy to continue, a physical assessment will be carried out. This will include checking: posture, movement of the joint or extremity and how the tissue feels on palpation. From this if you are happy to carry on, a treatment will be carried out. This can consist of a range of techniques, to help ease pain and discomfort. After the treatment, rehabilitation exercises will be demonstrated and thought to you so that you can complete them at home, thus continuing in helping your recovery. It is worth noting that it may be useful to bring shorts or a sleeveless top. Make sure to wear appropriate clothing as you may be asked to take some clothing off to help with diagnosis and treating effectively.

Can my insurance cover a physiotherapist?

As a state-registered Physiotherapist, Gorey Physical Therapy appointments are covered by most major Health Insurers, but this does depend on your health plan and your insurer. Other insurers and bodies that cover physiotherapy include; Garda Medical, ESB Medical, Hospital Saturday Fund and Irish Life Assurance.

How much does a physiotherapist appointment cost?

Our pricing can be seen on our “packages” page. A clinic treatment starts from €55, a home visit costs €60 and our packages vary depending on the services you require.

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