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Did You Know that Packages are Available at Gorey Physical Therapy?

The Aim of Our Packages.

The Aim of the Packages is to help you to make time for you. In these busy times and especially after lockdown, we really do not prioritise ourselves enough.

By investing in one of our packages, you have to make time for yourself.

In All of Our Packages you will get five 1 hour massage appointments and one 1/2 hour massage appointment. You will also get an exercise booklet that is made especially for you. .

Check Out the Packages Available in the description below.

Stress Buster Package

Benefits Include:

Reduces Pain and Muscle Tension

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Improves Sleep Quality

Improves Movement and Quality of Life

You can avail of Indian, Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage

Sport Specific Package

Benefits Include:

Reduce Risk of Injury and Reinjury

Improve Recovery Time

Improve Range of Movement

Improved Athletic Performance

Helps to Relieve Pain

Helps to keep Muscles Healthy

Helps Reduce Muscle Spasm

Cancer Care Package

Benefits Include:

Reduces Depression and Anxiety

Allows you to be you again

May Reduce Pain

May Improve Sleep Quality

May Reduce Side Effects of Treatment

Pregnancy Preparation Package

Benefits Include:

Reduces Pain, Tension and Swelling

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Improves Sleep and Circulation

Helps to Prepare the Body for Childbirth

If you would like to hear more about our packages or if you have any queries, please call Lorraine on 087 2101 281


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