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Why am I suffering with Pelvic Pain and Back Pain while pregnant?

Pregnancy can be a beautiful time in a woman’s life and can really show how spectacular and amazing the female body can change and adapt to carry another life (some women may not 100% agree with this statement).

For some however, it can be a stressful and extremely painful time due to circumstances that they have absolutely no control over.

For some women they may suffer with pelvic girdle pain and lower back pain. This can be extremely uncomfortable and sometimes even unbearably painful. But what does cause this for some women?

Well, when a woman is preparing to go in to labor, the body releases hormones that prepare the body to allow the baby to exit through the birth canal. Without these hormones, natural child birth would not be possible, as the women’s pelvis would not be able to let the baby out through it. Usually this happens in the last few weeks of pregnancy, causing most women to feel nothing or just some more discomfort on top of what the pregnancy is already bringing. Unfortunately for some woman, they can start to have these hormones do their job in the earlyish stages of pregnancy, causing sometimes unbearable pain.

So what can be done to prevent this. Unfortunately, because hormones are causing these problems, there is no possible human intervention there that can help to stop them. There are ways, thankfully, that can help to manage the pain.

One of the best ways to help reduce/manage the pain is the maternity belt. This can help to support the pelvis and the bump, which can often help to immediately alleviate the pain. Sometimes, however, more help is needed to help with the pain.

Rehabilitation exercises, given to you by a physiotherapist can really help to reduce the pain. This is something you can do yourself, daily that can help to manage the pain.

Another method that can help to relieve pelvic girdle pain and back pain is maternity massage. This can simply help to relax and loosen tight muscles that have been causing you serious pain and discomfort. Many women often curse themselves, for not getting it done quicker, due to the relief that it gives them.

If you are interested in receiving a pregnancy massage and would like to receive exercises to help you manage the pain yourself, please call Lorraine on 087 2101 281


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